Gujarat’s Bank of Baroda ATM dispenses misprinted Rs 500 notes with one side blank


A man received six misprinted currency notes of Rs 500 denomination from an ATM in the city.

Altaf Chaki, who withdrew Rs 10,000 last evening from the ATM of Bank of Baroda from the Ranjit Road branch here, got the misprinted notes.

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According to him, while one of the notes was completely blank from one side, serial numbers on two other bills were not printed clearly. Besides, the currency value written in Hindi was not printed clearly on three other notes.

“After I got the cash from ATM, I started counting the notes. But I found that one side of a Rs 500 note was blank.

After this, I checked every note closely and found that there were two other notes with serial numbers not printed clearly and three others with the currency value written in Hindi not printed clearly,” Chaki told PTI.

Thereafter, he went to the bank branch to get the faulty notes exchanged. The Bank of Baroda officials checked the notes to see if they were just misprinted or fake. Chaki finally got the notes exchanged as they were found to be genuine.

“Our cashier checked the notes thoroughly and found that the notes were genuine but were misprinted. We informed the RBI officials, who said we can get the notes exchanged as they were genuine and not fake, so we exchanged the notes,” manager of Bank of Baroda’s Ranjit Nagar branch, Rajiv Tiwari, said.

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