Anupam And Kirron Kher are the meanest people one can deal with: Widow sister-in-law


Actor Kirron Kher’s sister-in-law has made more revelations about the alleged harassment meted out to her by both the BJP MP and her actor husband Anupam Kher.

After we carried the excerpts of her interview to a local TV channel last week, Gurinder Sandhu contacted to talk more about her ‘agony and pain.’

She said that if she knew her story will go viral after being carried by, then she would have spoken about so many other facts.  

Sandhu launched a stinging attack against Anupam Kher accusing him of threatening her children warning that they ‘had no right’ over their house.

She said, “What rubbish does Anupam Kher talk about. The day he held a press conference for the election, I called him and said, ‘Anupam bhaiya, please solve as I don’t want a public tamasha.’ He called my children to the hotel he was staying in, made them wait from 10:00 till 5.30 in the lobby of Taj. And when he finally called them in his room, he told them on their face that they had no right over the house. He said ‘Kar Lo Kya kar sakte ho (Do whatever, you can).’ It was the day Anil Kapoor had come to campaign for Kirron. My children started crying and told me they would never deal with this man. I want to ask Anupam in his opinion what is the place of a widow in the household? He’s a man, who has no morals in himself.”

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Sandhu also alleged that the Khers were desperately trying to ‘dispossess us in every possible way.’

She said, “We’ve tried to decently beg them reminding them that we were family. One time I spoke to Kirron Kher was when she filed her papers for Lok Sabha elections because she had tried to claim this house to be her own (in election affidavit).

“It was then my lawyers advised me that if we don’t object to her claims, now, then tomorrow we may be asked as to why we didn’t object when it was there in all the newspapers. When we did that, it was made out to be a propoganda by some political parties. We were saddened that no one believed our story in the beginning. So we kept quiet until this incident on 18 March, when they violated the status quo and removed our car from our house.

Sandhu, whose husband (Kirron Kher’s brother) died in 2003 has two daughters. She said that Kirron had even ‘usurped the ancestral land’ in her husband’s village in Amritsar soon after his death in 2003.

“If we tell you all about kind of things Kirron and Anupam have done to us, you will be horrified. We have got evidence for every allegation we are levelling against them. There isn’t anything that we can’t prove in the court of law. A small example is when my husband passed away, he had three-and-a-half acres of land left in his village in Amritsar. While I was mourning, they transferred the land in their names. They were very nice to me so that I don’t suspect anything. Now if I was greedy about property, do you think I would have waited for 13 years to stake the claim?

“Anupam bhaiya was the first one I called. I asked ‘Anupam bhaiya, is there something I should know.’ He said ‘honey not at all, the younger one (Kirron’s sister Kanwal) is playing the game.’ Anupam asked me not to talk about this issue in public assuring me that the entire family was with me. It was only two years ago, when I came to know how they had transferred the village land in their names. As it emerged, they had got my father-in-law to give wrong affidavit saying that my husband had no children. And this was just for 3.5 acres of land. If they can stoop so low for 3.5 acres of land, imagine to what extent will they go for land with bigger values.”

Sandhu recalled that soon after her mother-in-law’s death in 2009, Kirron had called her to say that she shouldn’t worry as ‘God had given them enough.’

According to her, Kirron said that whatever she had was her brother’s children and family.

“She even swore on ‘Anupam and Sikandar (her son),” Sandhu said adding that she was shocked when revelations contradicting the actor surfaced.

She said, “To harass us further, they would have goondas wearing shorts sleep just at the entrance where we get off our car. I told them, ‘please have some shame. They are your brother’s daughters.’ One of them was such a lecher. He raped a minor girl and was put behind bars. He was a married man and the minor girl gave birth to a baby boy. Kirron has done her best to get him (rapist) released and he’s now out of jail now. They are the meanest possible people you can deal with.”

Note: We contacted Anupam Kher and Kirron Kher for their reactions, but have not received any response. We will carry their response when we get them


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