Ankita Bhandari was being forced by BJP leader’s son to have sex with resort guests before murder: victim’s friend


In a shocking confirmation, a close friend has revealed how 19-year-old Ankita Bhandari was killed by BJP leader’s son Pulkit Arya after she refused to have sex with guests staying in the resort, where she worked as a receptionist. The police have already arrested Pulkit Arya and his two associates namely Saurabh Bhaskar and Ankit Gupta. While Bhaskar worked as the manager at Vanantra resort, Gupta worked there as the assistant manager.

Ankita Bhandari

Ankita’s body was found in a nearby canal by the police. According to news agency PTI, one of Ankita’s friends told the police that the victim had called him the night she was killed. In her phone conversation with the friend, Ankita reportedly said that she was in ‘trouble.’ Ankita reportedly told her friend that the owner and the managers of the resort, where she worked, were forcing her to have sex with guests visiting the resort.

Ankita’s friend said that when she called her on the night of her murder, her phone was switched off. When he called Pulkit Arya’s mobile, he was told that Ankita had gone to her room to sleep. The friend said that Pulkit Arya’s mobile too was switched off after that. He then reportedly called the resort manager, Ankit, the next morning but was told that Ankita was in the gym.

On Saturday, local residents of the area staged angry protests against the BJP leader Vinod Arya, who enjoyed a cabinet rank position in the BJP government in Uttarakhand in the past. Angry protesters even set a portion of the resort on fire.

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The local administration too carried out a demolition drive against the resort. Left red-faced, the BJP was quick to expel Vinod Arya and his son Ankit Arya from all party posts.

Meanwhile, Uttarakhand DGP Ashok Kumar released the audio recording of his phone conversation with Ankita’s father to highlight how the latter was satisfied with the steps taken by his force. Kumar told the victim’s father that the Uttarakhand Police will make sure that all three accused were given a death sentence for murdering Ankita.

Ashok Kumar also said that Ankita was under pressure from Pulkit Arya to provide ‘special services’ to guests.