This is how an American tourist took revenge from Hyderabadi autowallah!


A video shot by an American tourist in Hyderabad is going viral. It’s because she decided to take on an ‘irritating’ autowallah, who allegedly refused to take her to her requested destination.

No, she didn’t fight with the auto driver in question. Neither did she move on to the next member of his fraternity trying her luck. She came up with a novel idea. An idea that you may also want to try in future, if placed in a similar predicament.

She took out her mobile camera and began to record her commentary in shuddh Hindi, making sure the auto driver was able to hear her.

First few lines of her commentary, “yeah auto wala hai, maine unko bataya mujhe Chaar Minar jaana hai meter ka istemaal kar ke. Unhone inkaar kar diya( I asked this autowallah to take me to Chaar Minar using the meter, but he refused).

The tourist, known as C Christine Fair, then breaks into singing popular lines from Aamir Khan-Madhuri Dixit starrer Dil, “Mujhe Neend na aaye…” at which point the driver is compelled to ask “kahan jaana hai?”

Fair wrote on YouTube, “It’s taken me some 20 years to figure out this technique to get an auto or a taxi driver in India to take me to my destination with the meter on. You can see this man has been utterly defeated. I need to carry with me some song sheets. Note that I have used this technique now in several cities. It has worked every time. No need to get mad. Just toss away your shame…and wait out the miscreant. I suspect it will work elsewhere in South Asia.”

Sure, there will be many takers to this technique Christine. Autowallas, please be careful next time you refuse a hapless passenger.




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