Amit Shah refuses to take question on hike in petrol and diesel prices, tells journalist ‘I understand your agenda’


BJP President Amit Shah on Monday addressed his first press conference since his party failed to prove its majority in Karnataka assembly. This led to BS Yeddyurappa resigning after remaining in the chief minister’s chair for just two days.

(AFP file photo )

Shah and his party colleagues made it abundantly clear that he will not take any question on topics other than Karnataka right before the press conference started. Speaking to reporters, Shah once again reiterated that had the Congress and the JDS not locked their legislators inside the hotel, the BJP would have been successfully able to form its government in Karnataka despite falling short of majority.

“We never believe in horse-trading. Congress should answer what they did with MLAs by locking them in a five-star hotel. If the MLAs were not kept hostage, today we would have had our government in the state,” Shah said.

“Even if they (Congress and JDS) had allowed them to take out a victory parade, they (MLAs) would have been told by people which party to vote for inside the assembly,” he added.

He also took a swipe at the Congress stating that the developments of the last few days had ensured the Congress party’s faith in constitutional institutions such as the Supreme Court and the EVM.

He said, “Apart from Congress being defeated, another good thing that Karnataka verdict has done to the Congress party is to have their faith reposed in constitutional institutions, that they demolished throughout their rule. Today they like the Supreme Court, they also like the Election Commission and they don’t find any fault with the EVMs”

However, when asked why his government had decided to increase the prices of petrol and diesel after freezing the prices for more than 15 days coinciding the election campaign in Karnataka, Shah accused the NDTV journalist of running an agenda. Refusing to answer his question, Shah said, “I will only talk about Karnataka today although I understand your agenda. We will respond to this question also but not today.”

The prices of petrol and diesel have skyrocketted since the conclusion of the Karnataka elections. Spiralling petrol prices touched fresh record levels in Delhi and Mumbai on Monday, at Rs 76.57 and Rs 84.40 per litre respectively, reported IANS.

On Sunday, the fuel price breached the all-time high levels touched in 2013 and was priced at Rs 76.24 and Rs 84.07 per litre in both the cities.