Allahabad High Court rejects plea seeking relief for Madrasas from singing national anthem


Allahabad High Court on Wednesday said that it was mandatory for the national anthem to be sung in madrasas. Today’s verdict has come as a big boost to the step taken by Uttar Pradesh’s Yogi Adityanath government, which had ordered to sing national anthem in madrasas.

The court also said that everyone should respect the national anthem and the national flag.

The court Allahabad HC has also rejected the plea seeking relief for madrasas in Uttar Pradesh from singing the national anthem.

The UP government had made it mandatory for madrasas to sing national anthem through a circular on the eve of the Independence Day this year. The government had also asked the Muslim religious institutions to produce video evidences of what was widely perceived as a patriotism test for Muslims under a government, headed by a right-wing Hindu fanatic.

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