Rahul Gandhi fires 4 questions to Modi on Rafale deal, Congress launches competition for missing Q3


Congress President Rahul Gandhi fired four questions to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the controversial Rafale deal while holding back the third question for later. This came moments after he tore into the government in a special press conference.

Rahul Gandhi

Taking to Twitter, Gandhi said, “Tomorrow, the PM faces an Open Book #RafaleDeal Exam in Parliament. Here are the exam questions in advance: Q1. Why 36 aircraft, instead of the 126 the IAF needed? Q2. Why 1,600 Cr instead of 560 Cr per aircraft. Q4. Why AA instead of HAL? Will he show up? Or send a proxy?”

Gandhi’s four questions had the question number three missing. Hours later, the Congress president tweeted again to explain why he had moved to question from four after Q2. He wrote, “The Missing Q3! I had held back Q3 because Madam Speaker had said, “no talking about the Goa tape”! But the missing Q3 has become as controversial as Rafale:) So on popular demand: Q3. Modi Ji, please tell us why Parrikar Ji keeps a Rafale file in his bedroom & what’s in it?”

The Congress also tweeted after Gandhi’s first tweet, asking people to suggest the question number three, promising to give a special T-shirt to the sender of the best question. Its tweet read, “Q3 is open to the public, send in your questions for NoMo & win a #DaroMat T-shirt.”

Later, the official Twitter handle of the Congress selected a question by Dikshit S Doshi, who had asked, ” When will Modi & Parrikar disclose the contents of file kept in Parikkar’s bedroom?” The party announced, “Thank you for sending us your suggested questions to Mr. Modi on the #RafaleScam. The #Daromat T-shirt goes to @Dikshitsdoshi. Big day tomorrow @narendramodi ji, best of luck for the exam.”

Gandhi’s speech on the Rafale in the parliament on Wednesday had caused quite a storm, prompting angry reactions from the BJP. Union Minister Arun Jaitley had reacted angrily as Gandhi attempted to play a leaked audio tape of a Goa’s BJP minister on the Rafale scam. In the tape, Health Minister Vishwajit Rane was heard saying that Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar had claimed to keep the Rafale files inside his bedroom, implying that the former defence minister wanted to blackmail PM Modi.

Both Rane and Parrikar have questioned the authenticity of the tape.