“Adani has been engaged in “suspicious” financial “laundering” & “sanitisation”: Subramanian Swamy launches fresh attack against BJP IT Cell after damning report by Indian Express


BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy has launched a fresh attack against his own party’s IT Cell alleging that a report by Indian Express had accused Adani Group of being  engaged in ‘suspicious’ financial ‘laundering’ & sanitisation’.”

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Swamy tweeted, “When I tweeted two years ago that Adani was a “trapeze artist” in finance, there was a howl from BJP IT’s fake ID specialists. Today Indian Express has published a US investigation in Seychelles that Adani has been engaged in “suspicious” financial “laundering” & “sanitisation”.”

As part of its series on FinCEN Files, Indian Express on Tuesday reported on the details of several suspicious wire transfers totaling $14.46 million being received by the Adani firm from a shell-like Seychelles entity. The Adani Group has denied allegations of suspicious transactions. “Our commercial transactions with Thionville Financier Limited is completely legitimate and the same have been fully disclosed to the authorities in the respective jurisdiction,” the company owned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s friend Gautam Adani was quoted as saying.

Earlier this month, Swamy had launched a stunning tirade against his own party’s IT Cell saying that it had gone ‘rogue.’ The outspoken BJP MP had singled out the saffron party’s IT cell chief, Amit Malviya, for orchestrating an online attack against him. The outspoken BJP MP had said that BJP IT Cell Chief Amit Malviya ‘character is running riot with filth.’ He had written, “I am ignoring but BJP must sack them. One Malaviya character is running riot with filth. We are a party of maryada purushottam not of Ravan or Dushasan.”

This was followed by BJP supporters running a sustained social media campaign against Swamy as they mocked him for stealing credits for the so-called achievements of the Modi government.


  1. After prosecuting Sonia Maino and Janayudhari Raoul Vinci Kaul Dattareya Khan, fighting for freedom for temples, and pronouncing on economics against the policies of the BJP, Swamy takes up cudgels against a small fractalt of BJP corruption: BJP is a vicious Khangress in Saffron turbans


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