Disgraceful! BJP supporter and former ‘C-list’ singer Abhijeet calls army veteran Gen HS Panag Pak supporter


Lieutenant General HS Panag is one of very few retired army veterans, who have refrained from indulging in hateful politics and flying the flag of militant Hindutva in new India.

His tweets are often embodiment of sanity and his analysis on matters related to national security utterly objective. This explains why when General Panag, a prolific Twitter user, expresses his opinion even his detractors take notice.

However, the 1971 war veteran and the former GoC-in-C, Northern Command, found himself at the centre of vicious attack by the right-wing trolls recently because of his comments on the alleged human rights violation by the Indian army in Kashmir.

After the video of the Indian army tying an innocent man to jeep and parading him across nine villages went viral, social media erupted in anger and disgust. The army came for more condemnation after it emerged that the man picked up the men in uniform was not a stone-pelter but a poverty stricken civilian, who had gone to cast his vote before attending a family funeral.

General Panag tweeted, ‘Image of a ‘stone-pelter’ tied in front of a jeep as a ‘human shield’ will forever haunt the Indian army and the nation.”

This comments evoked angry reactions from the so-called nationalists, who otherwise are known for lecturing others on why India must stand by its soldiers.

Many cheerleaders of the militant Hindutva ideology justified the army’s decision to tie an innocent man to the army jeep with some even calling for a genocide in the valley. Among those who competed with each other in pushing for a bloodbath in Kashmir were former army soldiers, BJP supporters posing as journalists and the usual suspects in Bollywood.

One of them was Anupam Kher, whose loyalty to the BJP is well known. He told PTI, “It’s sad that people are making such comments to get noticed.”

But his ideological friend and former singer, Abhijeet, wasn’t so polite in his reaction. Known for his abusive nature and lack of sophistication, Abhijeet tweeted, “U r a Pak supporter, wish you were kicked,beaten & humiliated on the streets of #Kashmir & then wd hv seen ur reaction.. #Salute #IndianArmy”


As expected, Abhijeet was condemned by all and sundry for his tweet against a veteran, who was just a rank away from becoming the India’s army chief. But not before General Panag himself came up with this epic response; “Little Brown Shirt,even at this age,I can give the terrorists a lesson,as also to an upstart like u!”

Here are some of the tweets;