AAP MLA Lamba, five others walk out of Delhi assembly

AAP legislator Alka Lamba and five other party colleagues walked out of the Delhi assembly on Friday, demanding that the house Ethics Committee fast track a decision on BJP lawmaker O.P. Sharma who reportedly made a sexist remark against Lamba.

Before walking out, Lamba reiterated her demand for the revocation of Sharma’s membership of the assembly. Sharma, who has refused to apologize, has been suspended for the winter session of the assembly.

The assembly on Thursday referred the matter to its Ethics Committee.

“We want justice to be delivered by the committee in this session and we demand a fast-track trial as the matter concerns women’s security,” said Lamba of the Aam Aadmi Party.

“We will not return until the government assures us that a decision will come in this session from the Ethics Committee.”

The AAP controls 67 of the 70 Delhi assembly seats. The Bharatiya Janata Party has three members, including Sharma.

Lamba opposed BJP legislator Vijender Gupta’s move to bring a “Stop Work” proposal.

“Yesterday (Thursday) BJP legislators blamed us, saying our work was hindering work in the assembly. Today Vijender Gupta brought a ‘Stop Work’ Proposal. Why is this needed?”

The winter session was to end on Saturday, but has now been extended till December 4.

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  1. AAP is a dictatorial party which has no internal freedom of speech and wants to STOP ALL OTHERS FROM THIS RIGHT, except itself!

    Lying party, made up of wife-beaters, hafta takers and certificate forgers.


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