AAP leader Kumar Vishwas says his comments on Bhindranwale taken out of context

AAP leader and poet Kumar Vishwas​ on Wednesday released a short video explaining why his comments on Bhindranwale had been taken out of context as his intention was never to hurt anybody’s sentiments.

This was after an old video clip of Vishwas surfaced on social media platform.

In this clip, the senior AAP leader is seen taking part in a debate of ABP news channel, where he blames Congress party for creating Prabhakaran and Bhindranwale, who then went on to cause troubles for them in the end.

Akali Dal, which is facing a stiff challenge from the Aam Aadmi Party in the next assembly elections, wasted no time in raising this issue by accusing Vishwas of being anti-Sikh.

Vishwas, in his short video message, explains his comments are being taken out of context for political gains reminding audience that his political adversaries had ‘resorted to same tricks’ during the Lok Sabha elections last year.

AAP had won four Lok Sabha seats in Punjab has raised its stakes for the next assembly elections, scheduled in 2017, through its high-profile ‘Punjab Jodo’ campaign.

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1 thought on “AAP leader Kumar Vishwas says his comments on Bhindranwale taken out of context”

  1. Sensible and learned Punjabis must know that we cannot hide the truth. It was Congress doings which produced a Bhindranwala. They created him for their own Benifits. The result we have seen. Kumar Vishwas has spoken the truth not because of his anti sikh feelings, but because it is the truth. Akali Dal as always is misusing this truth again for their vote bank. Sikhs and Punjabis who truely want Punjab to get back its lost Glory have no other choice but vote for AAP. This Party of the 21st Century is and will remain the only Party to carry us citizens forward to progress. None other!


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