AAP intensifies its demand for Delhi’s full statehood

Aam Aadmi Party will work with the Delhi government and “engage” its volunteers to seek a solution on its demand for full statehood of Delhi, reports PTI.

The party’s Delhi unit’s convenor Dilip Pandey told reporters on Tuesday that getting statehood for Delhi was one of the important demands of his party.

Pandey said, “There are many examples of national capitals across the world. Many people point out the example of Washington DC, but they conveniently forget that Delhi has seven MPs and 70 MLAs where as Washington DC has no elected representatives. Comparing the position of two cities is like comparing apples and oranges.”

He said that the volunteers will help garner support from the people and also put pressure on the Centre.

“Even we have studied the constitution and there is a provision for a referendum for the states,” Pandey was quoted as saying. The Congress’s 2015 manifesto talks about the statehood. However, it was in power at the Centre from 2004-2014 and in the state from 1998-2013.”

Pandey also attacked the BJP for making U-turn on the issue of Delhi’s full statehood.

He said, “BJP’s V K Malhotra too had batted for statehood for Delhi in 2011 and so did Deputy Prime Minister L K Advani in 2003 when he was the Deputy Prime Minister. Similarly, the BJP in its manifestos of 2013 state assembly and 2014 Lok Sabha had promised statehood to Delhi. Both these parties have now made a U turn on the issue.”

AAP-led Delhi government on Monday had confirmed to www.jantakareporter.com that it was seeking advice on the feasibility of holding a referendum on its demands for the full statehood of Delhi.

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