AAP to contest Gujarat assembly polls, confirms party


Despite poor performances in Punjab, Goa and Delhi municipal elections, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has decided to contest the assembly polls in Gujarat later this year.

Gopal Rai addressing media

Speaking to reporters, the party’s senior functionary, Gopal Rai, said that his party will shortlist the candidates on three attributes, corruption, character and criminal past.

Rai, who’s also the in-charge of AAP’s Gujarat affairs, said that his local shortlisted candidates will be asked to raise funds to meet election expenditure in their constituencies. The party also plans to hold a road show in Ahmedabad on 17 September.

“The AAP has decided, after a long discussion, that it will contest the Gujarat assembly elections. We have framed three criteria and will contest on those seats which meet our criteria,” Rai was quoted by PTI.

He said that the party will contest seats where it can find “competent candidates” who have no charges of corruption or criminal cases, and have upright character.

Elections to the 182-member Assembly in Gujarat, the home state of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, are likely to be held by the year-end.

AAP has been facing criticism for looking for electoral gains beyond Delhi too soon with many even questioning if this was the reason why they lost the municipal polls so spectacularly earlier this year.

The party had drawn a blank in Goa assembly polls despite its claims of sweeping the assembly polls there.

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