Rape and murder not crime if you are from BJP, taunts Arvind Kejriwal


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday took a dig at the BJP and its central government saying under the latter’s rule, rape and murder weren’t crime for the supporters of saffron party.

He tweeted, “Centre’s new IPC- it’s not a crime to murder, rape or beat anyone if u r from BJP. Being opposed to BJP n RSS is biggest crime now…Rape, murder or beat anyone. When questioned, just say that victim was shouting anti-India slogans, u will be let off. (Sic)”

Kejriwal on Thursday launched a stinging attack on Narendra Modi government for its inept handling of JNU crisis.

After meeting the President Pranab Mukherjee, he had said, “We told the President that the developments of last few days were very unfortunate. Despite Supreme Court ruling that adequate security should be provided to journalists and Kanhaiya Kumar, they were beaten. Patiala House Court is barely 200 meters away from the Supreme Court. Police remained mute spectators. Police gets instruction from their masters to take or not to take any action.

“It’s clear that the police did not take action because their masters i.e. central government had instructed them not to take any actions. So, in effect, it’s the central government, which tried to tell the Supreme Court that ‘we would not obey your ruling, do whatever you can.’

“This is an open challenge from the central government to the apex court warning to defy its order. If Supreme Court’s orders can’t be implemented even in the 200 meter periphery of the apex court, then there will no constitution left in this country. Then, there is no judiciary left, only the dictatorship of Prime Minister (Modi) and central government. This is something very serious. This is very dangerous for the country.”

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