Bassi denies allegations as documents with damning revelations of corruption against him surface


Delhi police commissioner, BS Bassi, on Friday denied the allegations of corruption levelled against him by Delhi’s Aam Aadmi Party government.

Speaking to reporters outside the police headquarter, a visibly angry police commissioner said, “CP Delhi chup ke kaam nahi karta. Beimeenao ko beimeenao ke qabristan pe le kar jaaonga. Main danke ke chot par kaam karta hoon. (CP Delhi doesn’t work behind the veil. I will take corrupt to their graves. I work with elan.)”

Bassi is accused of ‘obtaining a residential plot measuring 500 Sq M in 1998 through fraudulently obtaining the membership of Civil Services Officers Welfare Society New Delhi.”

A document from the state government (see attached) has made further damning allegations against the top cop. It said that Bassi ‘dishonestly and fraudulently, to cheat both the societies, did not inform the Lucky Housing Society about his subsequent membership of the Civil Services Officers Welfare Society.’

The document added that had Bassi not concealed his membership of the CSOWS, his occupation of flat 39 in Lucky Housing Society would have been cancelled.

Bassi is also accused of serious wrongdoings in securing the possession of the flat in Lucky Housing Society, which he allegedly sublet to his brother, Ravi Bassi, without having obtained ‘permission for subletting’ from the society.

The document said that Bassi ‘to cover up his wrongdoings’ sold that flat to his brother at significantly lower than the market price.

It said, “The consideration shown in the conveyance deed was dishonestly shown much lower than the actual market price…to cheat the government to pay less stamp duty and registration fee.”

The Delhi government has also cast suspicion on possible transaction of black money in the sale of the flat 39 in Lucky Housing Society.

There’s also a charge against the police commissioner that while acquiring the possession of flat 39, he had not paid what known as equalisation charge, at 24% per annum. The government has accused him of abusing his influence as the DCP, North Delhi, his designation at the time of purchasing this flat.