31-year-old Delhi teacher Ankit shot dead allegedly over relationship with Muslim student


In yet another shocking incident, a 31-year-old teacher was shot dead by allegedly by the relatives of his Muslim student, who he wanted to marry.

Ankit’s murder took place around 8.30 am in the morning at a tuition centre in Delhi’s Mahendra Park area, where the deceased taught. Ankit and his Muslim student were reportedly in love with each other and wanted to get married. But the girl’s family was allegedly opposed to the idea because of their different religions.

The girl’s brother in particular was allegedly opposed to their relationship. The victim had faced threats from the girl’s brother on several occasions, claimed media reports. A report by Times of India said that both families had agreed to the match but the remained opposed.

“Ankit never hid his relationship with the girl and she often visited our house even though her brother always had issues with their relationship and had warned them to stay away from each other. Despite everything, Ankit respected him and kept trying to to convince him to accept the relationship,” Ankit’s elder brother Jai Pravesh was quoted as saying.

A report by News18 quoted two eyewitnesses as claiming that they saw woman’s brother opening fire at at Ankit. One eyewitness said that one of the killers even asked for Ankit’s whereabouts and sat patiently waiting for him adding that the killers had the faced covered.

The police have launched an investigation. According to police, Ankit was shot at the back of his head by the gunman who waited for 25 minutes at the staircase leading to the entrance of the coaching centre, reported Indian Express.

The police have detained nine members of the woman’s family for questioning but have not ascertained the motive of the murder. “There must have been a rivalry in the area. The sister has made these allegations and the claims are been investigated,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (north-west) Aslam Khan was quoted as saying.

Earlier this year, Ankit Saxena was brutally murdered by the family members of his Muslim girlfriend in Delhi. His death had sent shockwaves as his murder took place in a crowded area and no one came to his rescue.