29-year-old becomes grandmother in Argentina


A 29-year-old woman in Argentina became a grandmother after her 14-year-old son became a father, the media reported.

Lucia Desiree Pastenez, a resident of San Rafael city in Argentina’s Mendoza state, described her young son as an upstanding father, Xinhua reported on Friday.

“He continues to go to secondary school… he takes care of his son as he has family values,” Pastenez was quoted as saying.

“There are older fathers that do not take responsibility and abandon their babies.”

The mother of four said she does not interfere in her son’s relationship with the mother of his child.

“I did not force them to get married or to stay together. The mother of my grandchild lives with her family and he lives with me.”

“We won’t stop supporting him, because we know how hard it is to go through this experience in adolescence,” said Pastenez, who said she had advised her son not to become a teenage father.

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