Farmer receives Rs 2000 notes without Gandhi’s image, bank says it’s ‘a misprint’


A farmer from Sheopur area of Madhya Pradesh on Thursday received a Rs 2,000 notes at State Bank of India (SBI) without Gandhi’s image.

The notes were from State Bank of India (SBI) of the region.

“It is not fake currency, it is a misprint; sent it for probe: RK Jain, SBI officer on Rs 2000 notes without Mahatma Gandhi’s image” RK Jain, an SB officer told ANI

Not so long ago, half-printed notes of Rs 500 and Rs 2,000 had surfaced causing much embarrassment to the RBI. The photos of half-printed new notes had gone viral on social media platforms. The RBI had blamed the haste in which the new currency notes were being printed to meet the demand, for the error.

One of the reasons cited by Modi behind doing away with old Rs 500 notes was to abolish counterfeiting with new ‘high-security’ currency notes.

RBI spokesperson Alpana Killawala, had told Economic Times “It is likely that notes with printing defect has got released due to the current rush. However, people can freely accept such a note in transaction or return it to RBI.”

Janta Ka Reporter had reported how new Rs 500 and Rs 2,000 notes were only half printed and crucials details such the serial numbers were missing.

The central government last year had made several controversial decisions with regards to withdrawal of money and exchange of old currency at banks across the country since the announcement of demonetisation on 8 November. This, according to analysts, was because the haste in which the government made demonetisation announcement, thereby lacking any considerable planning on implementation.

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