Zee News claims Adhyayan Suman dies by suicide, apologises after condemnation; Shekhar Suman says ‘extremely touched by Arnab Goswami’s kind gesture’


Shekhar Suman has demanded the cancellation of Zee News’ licence after the pro-BJP TV channel ran a news report claiming that the veteran actor’s son Adhyayan Suman had ended his life by suicide. Suman also thanked Republic TV founder Arnab Goswami, who had reportedly called the actor to sympathise with his family on the trauma caused by the fake news of Adhyayan’s death.
Adhyayan Suman

Zee News stooped to a new low by declaring Adhyayan Suman dead by claiming that he had committed suicide evoked an angry reaction from Adhyayan, who himself is an actor. He tweeted, “How on earth could @ZeeNews write that I have committed suicide !?!! What the hell you sick people ! You have given grief to my family by doing this and you will pay for this ! People please help me spread this the word the world needs to see how sick they can be for trps !”

Shekhar Suman demanded the cancellation of Zee News’ licence. He wrote, “Their license wd be canceled.The PM has clearly stated that ppl behind fake news that can cause extensive damage in many ways shld be punished.”

Sharing his conversation with Goswami, the veteran actor wrote, “Me n my family are extremely touched by Arnab Goswami’s kind gesture of personally calling me up to sympathize with wat we went thru, thanks to fake news by@ZeeNews.Thank you Arnab from the bottom of my heart.Gratitude.”

The development drew widespread condemnation for Zee News from netizens, who demanded strict action against the media group.

Meanwhile, faced with condemnation, Zee News has issued a public apology. Its statement on its website, read, “A wrong fact was broadcast on Shekhar Suman’s son Adhyayan Ssuman. We express our regrets. We seek forgiveness for the hurt caused to the Suman family.”