Why Kaitlin Armstrong Killed Cyclist Moriah Wilson?


US federal agencies are frantically looking for a 34-year-old Texas woman, Kaitlin Armstrong, who’s suspected of having killed professional cyclist Moriah Wilson. What has intrigued the investigating agencies is the mysterious motive behind the murder of Moriah.

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Why Kaitlin Armstrong Killed Cyclist Moriah Wilson?

Kaitlin has removed all her social media pages including Facebook and Instagram. The social media page of the company that Kaitlin ran with her partner Colin Strickland too has disappeared from Instagram.

According to the authorities, Kaitlin split with her boyfriend Colin in October last year. Colin then met Moriah and both fell in love. He, however, later split with Moriah too and returned to Kaitlin’s life.

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After Moriah’s death became a public knowledge, Colin issued a statement to a local media outlet in Austin saying that he had a weeklong fling with the victim before it turned into a platonic and professional relationship.

“There is no way to adequately express the regret and torture I feel about my proximity to this horrible crime…I am sorry, and I simply cannot make sense of this unfathomable situation,” Colin said in his statement.

According to the Austin Police, Kaitlin was ‘furious and was shaking in anger’ after learning about Colin’s fling with Wilson. This has prompted the authorities to suspect a revenge angle behind Moriah’s murder. Kaitlin Armstrong may have developed jealousy after her ex-partner got romantically involved with Moriah “Mo’ Wilson.

Kaitlin arrested

According to a report accessed by JantaKaReporterKaitlin Armstrong was arrested AFTER the murder of Mo Wilson for a class B warrant out of Austin for theft of service. Still, while she was in custody, the investigator was told the warrant was not valid, and Kaitlin was told she could leave.