Who Is Dennis Yadiel Sanchez, Man Whose Incest Allegations Can Send Ricky Martin To Jail For 50 Years? Girlfriend, Net Worth

Singer, songwriter, and actor Ricky Martin is facing 50 years in jail if the allegations of incest by a close member of his family are established. The new allegations by Dennis Yadiel Sanchez have come just days after his own brother Eric Martin accused him of domestic violence. When the allegations of domestic violence first surfaced, the identity of the alleged victim was kept secret, triggering speculations about whether the pop star was facing charges from his own spouse.
Ricky Martin

However, it has now emerged that the person accusing Ricky of domestic violence is none other than his own brother Eric.

Who Is Dennis Yadiel Sanchez?

Dennis is the 21-year-old nephew of Ricky. Both Ricky and Dennis were reported to be in a relationship for seven months. It appears that the famous global pop star now faces charges of domestic violence and incest, which is a serious crime in Puerto Rico.

If proven guilty, Ricky could end up being in jail for half a century. The artist has, however, denied the allegations.

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“Unfortunately, the person who made this claim is struggling with deep mental health challenges. Ricky Martin has, of course, never been – and would never be – involved in any kind of sexual or romantic relationship with his nephew,” Ricky Martin’s attorney, Marty Singer, told the TMZ website.

According to the Spanish website, Marca, Ricky Martin allegedly inflicted physical and psychological pain on his nephew during the seven-month-long relationship. Ricky is accused of not accepting the separation and began to call his nephew insistently and to persecute him.

The trial in Ricky Martin’s case will commence on 21 July. Meanwhile, the singer’s legal team has alleged that the nephew in question had been accused by a woman, his work colleague, of harassment. Sanches has a restraining order against him put out by a co-worker, even showing up at her job and threatening to kill her.

According to Fox3Now, Sanchez’s colleague, Claudia Ramrez Martell, took out a restraining order against him after he became ‘obsessed’ with her, repeatedly turning up outside their workplace saying he planned to murder her.

Ricky’s legal team has also said that Sanchez was suffering from deep mental health issues as they rejected the allegations of incest.

It’s not known whether Sanchez is dating anyone at the moment. Also, nothing much is available about his personal wealth or net worth.

Ricky was last spotted on the sets of Mrs. American Pie in Los Angeles on Friday.

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