Who Are Sehaj Arora And Gurpreet Kaur, Kulhad Pizza Couple Behind Social Media Storm After Leaked Private Video Goes Viral?


Sehaj Arora and Gurpeet Kaur have been dominating social media conversations for the last few days in India. This was after the couple’s personal video in a compromised position, went viral. Embarrassed by the development, Arora had to release a desperate video message asking for public support as he urged people to not share his private video.

Sehaj Arora

The police have arrested a woman in connection with the viral video.

Who Are Sehaj Arora And Gurpreet Kaur?

Known as Kulhad Pizza couple, Arora and Kaur gained popularity for their unique way of preparing pizza. They became an internet sensation for their unique way of preparing pizza in kulhads, earthen pots, in Jalandhar. Food bloggers around the country made innumerable videos on their unique style.

Soon, both became social media celebrities, amassing hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram. While Arora currently has close to one million followers on Instagram, his wife has more than five lakh followers on the Meta-owned platform.

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After achieving social media celebrity status, the couple also revealed how they met and got married.

Controversy over leaked video

This week, social media users began to fervently share the couple’s private video, both could be seen in a compromising position. Many believed that this was the couple’s sex tape that they themselves had recorded. However, others said that this was fake.

But Arora himself said in a video message that he was not inclined to deny or confirm the authenticity of the video, but alleged that one of his former employees had used the video to extort money from him. The woman, according to him, had demanded Rs. 20,000 from him failing which she would make the video go viral.

Arora also blamed YouTuber Karan Dutta for making the video viral. Dutta, for his part, has denied the allegations.

Meanwhile, the Jalandhar Police has arrested the woman, who was reportedly sacked by the Kulhad Pizza couple for poor performance at work.

Social media users, however, have been debating the topic since then.