Who Are Aliza Sehar, Gungun Gupta? Who leaked their intimate videos?


Leaked intimate videos of two social media celebrities from India and Pakistan have set the internet on fire with netizens vigorously debating the ethics behind the action. Others have attacked Aliza and Gungun for being reckless with their actions, thereby heaping global embarrassment on them.
Who Are Aliza Sehar Gungun Gupta?

It all started with intimate videos of Gungun and Aliza going viral on social media forcing the two internet celebrities to g=face barrage of attacks on the internet.

In the leaked videos, both Gungun and Aliza were seen talking to their friends in video calls. Both were seen undressing for their partners without realising the consequences. It’s, however, not clear who leaked the videos.

Who is Aliza Sehar, Gungun Gupta?

Aliza hails from the Pakistani province of Punjab. She gained social media fame with her videos showcasing the rural lifestyle. In her videos, she’s often seen as doing household chores in her village and looking after her cattle as she wanders around her farms.


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According to her social media accounts, she started making videos from 2017 and has amassed 1.54 million subscribers on YouTube and more than four lakh followers on Instagram. Such is her popularity on YouTube that the Goggle-owned platform has verified her channel, an honour accorded to celebrity or government accounts.

She is reportedly unmarried and earns in excess Rs. 10 lakh every months from her videos on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

Gungun, for her part, hails from Delhi in India. She has amassed more than five million followers on Instagram, where she started making videos since July 2020. Her short reels often clock lakhs of views.

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Like Aliza, Gungun too is believed to be single and earns more than Rs. 10 lakh from her videos and brand endorsements.

Gungun has not reacted to her leaked video but Aliza has posted a video expressing her sadness over the development and has urged the authorities in Pakistan to take action against those, who leaked the video.

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