When Mahesh Bhatt used ‘chameleon’ jibe for Kangana Ranaut, years before Queen actress attacked Alia Bhatt, her mother Soni Razdan


Remember the famous public spat between Kangana Ranaut and Alia Bhatt’s mother Soni Razdan in April this year? This was after Kangana made a series of personal attacks against Alia for her silence on issues related to politics and society. Now, an old video has emerged where Alia’s Dad and eminent filmmaker, Mahesh Bhatt, is seen using the ‘chameleon’ jibe for Kangana.

Alia Bhatt

This was when Mahesh Bhatt and his nephew Emraan Hashmi appeared on Koffee With Karan hosted by Karan Johar in 2014. In his famous rapid-fire round segment, Karan had asked Bhatt, “If you could assign superpowers to following people, what would you give them?” Karan’s first name was Kangana. To which Bhatt had said, “shapeshifter, a chameleon.” About Alia Bhatt, her Dad had complained that he did not see enough of her since she became a star.

Bhatt had also predicted Raj Kumar Rao to be the future of Indian cinema. Bhatt was asked to comment on reality shows. He had replied, “no reality at all.” Bhatt had gone on to say that the phenomenon of casting couch in Bollywood was a reality.

Earlier this year, Kangana had launched a tirade against Alia and her rumoured boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor for not taking a stand on political and social issues. Responding to Kangana’s criticism , Alia had said, “Listen I definitely don’t have that ability to speak as candidly as Kangana does. And I really really respect her for that. And maybe in a way she is right that sometimes we do hold back because we don’t want or we may feel that why speak unnecessarily. My Dad always says that there are already so many opinions in the world. The world can do with one less opinion. I have an opinion but I will keep it to myself. But, kudos to her because she genuinely speaks really well.”

Alia’s mother Soni Razdan had slammed Kangana for her constant diatribe towards both the mother-daughter duo. Razdan had also implied that Kangana was a thankless soul, who had chosen to target her and Alia despite Mahesh Bhatt giving her a break in the Hindi film industry.

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