Twinkle Khanna faces outrage after ‘Nail Files’ joke on Kashmir Files controversy by Akshay Kumar’s wife


Actor Twinkle Khanna has upset a large group of Hindutva supporters after she decided to take a potshot at the controversial film, Kashmir Files, by saying that she planned a make a film called ‘Nail Files.’ The decision to poke fun at Vivek Agnihotri’s film by Akshay Kumar’s wife instantly made her a target of incessant criticism.

Writing in her latest column, Twinkle asked if Will Smith may have been inspired by India visit to indulge in violence against comic Chris Rock at this year’s Oscars. Plugging her column, Twinkle wrote on Instagram, “Like Amit Bhai once said, Aap chronology samajhiye. A few years ago during his visit, Smith stated, ‘Travelling to India…has awakened a new understanding of myself, my art and the truths of the world.’ At that point, we didn’t ponder over what he had really discovered, but now it seems rather clear.”

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Her tongue-in-cheek comments about her plans to register ‘Nail Files’ as the title of her future movie evoked angry reactions. Twinkle said that she planned to make a film titled Nail Files. The movie, she added, would be about a disastrous manicure. “Maybe, but at least it’s better than putting the final nail into the communal coffin, I say,” she wrote.

Soon Kashmiri Pandits took to social media to slam Twinkle, who’s married to actor Akshay Kumar. Filmmaker Ashok Pandit wrote, “@mrsfunnybones ma’am, you are too late. This film (#KashmirFiles) on the genocide of #KashmiriPandits has already hit the nail on the communal coffin of #IslamicTerrorism. Request you not be so insensitive towards the genocide of 7 lac #KashmiriPandits.”

Similar reactions followed from others.

In 2019, Akshay Kumar had interviewed Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who had taken a dig at Twinkle Khanna for criticising him through her social media posts.
When asked by Akshay if he followed the goings-on on social media platforms, Modi had answered in the affirmative, saying, “Of course I follow social media’s goings on. This helps me understand what’s happening outside. I also read tweets posted by you and your wife Twinkle Khanna. The way she vents out her anger at me, I get to understand that your marital life must be very peaceful.”

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