TV anchor Deepak Chaurasia issues comical clarification, denies he was drunk during LIVE broadcast; blames overdose of painkillers for slurry speech


Controversial TV anchor Deepak Chaurasia recently found himself trending for earning new notoriety as a video of his slurry speech during a LIVE broadcast went viral. The said broadcast was on the death of Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat. As expected, Chaurasia began to face grief even from Hindutva supporters, who felt that the disgraced TV anchor had insulted General Rawat.

However, Chaurasia has now come up with an extraordinary excuse to justify his alleged drunken state, blaming an overdose of painkillers.

“What you saw in the video wasn’t the complete truth. The truth is that I had a wedding in my family and an old injury in my knee worsened due to my dancing at the wedding party. I did not want to miss my show because of the topic attached, so I took painkillers.”

Chaurasia’s comic explanation did not end here. According to him, he was not aware of the side effects of the overdose of the painkillers. “That’s why painkillers aggravated my pain instead of reducing it.”

Responding to his critics, who accused him of arriving in the TV studio in a drunken state, Chaurasia said that he had been in the profession of what he said was ‘journalism’ and did not need a lecture on ethics.

Chaurasia, however, apologised to his ‘well-wishers’ but did not specify what he was sorry about.

Once again, Chaurasia became a butt of jokes as there were no takers for his new story.

In the infamous broadcast for News Nation TV, Chaurasia was unable to complete his sentence and had referred to late Bipin Rawat as a journalist and VP Singh.

India’s Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat and his wife were killed in a helicopter crash on Wednesday. The military helicopter carrying General Rawat, his wife and 12 other armed forces personnel had crashed in Tamil Nadu. The last rites of General Rawat and his wife were carried out in full military honours on Friday.

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