Times Now ‘suspends’ election coverage on 2 May, Twitterati say this shows ‘BJP is losing’


Indian TV channel Times Now has said that it had decided to suspend its scheduled coverage of 2 May, the day votes for four states and one union territory would be counted. The TV channel, which spent hours discussing its exit poll predictions on 29 April, has said that it was suspending its election coverage on Sunday to shift its attention to the pandemic related news reports.

The statement released by Times Now said, “Viewers, our nation faces biggest health emergency in recent memory. Times Now in keeping with the ethos of tracking the biggest national story has decided to keep COVID news at its main priority, suspending our special election coverage on May 2 and beyond.”

It added, “As a part of our coverage, viewers can expect COVID related news reports, the latest on the status of the universalised vaccination drive, information on helplines and can interact with healthcare and mental wellness experts on the channel. For our viewers looking for election results from the 4 states and 1 UT where polls were conducted, we will carry regular news updates.”

No sooner did Times Now release its statement, Twitterati began to poke fun at the TV channel. Many felt that the announcement was an indication that the results were unlikely to favour the BJP.

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