Three videos show how Anjana Om Kashyap became source of huge embarrassment for PM Modi, BJP during LIVE Aaj Tak broadcast from US

When Anjana Om Kashyap tweeted in excitement on 23 September about her trip to Washington DC to ‘cover Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s US visit,’ little did she realise that she would end up exposing the Indian premier and his party, the BJP through her TV broadcasts.

In almost all her videos broadcast from the US, Kashyap was seen desperately trying to project how Modi had become the tallest leader ever to visit America. Such was her excitement to support Modi that she failed to exercise the much-needed editorial caution during her broadcast and became a source of huge embarrassment for the Indian prime minister and his Hindu party, the BJP.

Before leaving for the US, Kashyap had tweeted, “Heading to Washington DC & New York to cover Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s US visit. Post the Taliban take over of Afghanistan, action packed 4 day visit. Important bilateral meet with Joe Biden, QUAD meet, PM will also meet Kamala Harris, US top CEO’s & address UNGA in NY.”

In one of her first broadcasts from the US, Kashyap attempted to present her TV programme while being out and about in Washington DC. Desperate to find anything to substantiate her claim that Modi had indeed become the most prominent leader in the world, even bigger than US President Joe Biden, Kashyap rebuked a Congress spokesperson for interrupting her as she tried to find favourable headlines for the Indian prime minister in an American newspaper.

Much to her embarrassment, far from finding a favourable headline on Modi, Kashyap found absolutely no news items on Modi in the US newspaper. Her reaction said it all as she tried to console herself bravely. “I feel that there would be a different kind of coverage (in US newspapers) when Prime Minister Modi meets CEOs or Vice President Kamala Harris.”

In another video broadcast from Washington DC, Kashyap was seen approaching a musician in a bid to capture the ‘excitement’ prevalent amongst the Indian diaspora for Modi. Approaching a drum player, Kashyap asked in her inimitable style, “The whole country is listening to you on Aaj Tak. What kind of excitement do you have for PM Modi’s visit.”

Refusing to reciprocate Kashyap’s excitement for Modi, the musician dropped a bombshell by saying, “We have come here because we’ve been called here to support as a musician. So we are here as a musician.”

No sooner did this video emerge, netizens began to give brief to Kashyap for ‘exposing’ the BJP in manufacturing fake support for Modi during his foreign visits.

And if this was not enough for Kashyap, she committed another gaffe when the controversial TV anchor approached a Black American to ask hius opinion about Modi. From her tone, this was clear that Kashyap wanted to tell Aaj Tak viewers that Modi’s popularity transcended geographical boundaries and race.

Kashyap asked the American man, “Do you know Mr. Modi?” Pat came a reply, “I do not know Prime Minister Modi but I appreciate him for coming to the United States of America.”

Kashyap asked, “You think Modi is going to bring big business to America?”

The man replied, “Not only he’s going to big business to America, but he’s also going to provide for India. The poverty rate in India has increased, so I know he’s doing a good job for India.”

Perhaps Kashyap was unable to comprehend the magnitude of damage her American guest caused to both Modi and his party by sarcastically stating that the Indian prime minister was responsible for the rise in poverty in his country.

Kashyap told her viewers that the American’s observations about Modi’s performance showed the ‘josh’ prevalent even amongst US citizens about the Indian PM. Netizens were not as naive as the Aaj Tak anchor as they began to brutally troll her by sharing the clip of her TV broadcast.

Kashyap was also left red-faced when Sneha Dubey abruptly asked her to leave the room after the former tried to barge in to interview the young Indian diplomat following her fiery speech at the United Nations.

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