This KIki challenge by Telangana farmers using bullocks is breaking internet


Police in Mumbai, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh may have asked people to not record viral Kiki challenge video warning them of actions. But this has not deterred two farmers in the Indian state of Telangana from recording their own videos.

In the latest viral video, two farmers are seen dancing to Drake’s In my feelings track while ploughing the field using bullocks for paddy plantation. The two farmers have been identified as Anil Geela and Pilli Tirupati and the video was reportedly recorded ion their village Lambadipalli of Kondagattu in Karimnagar district of Telangana.

Fans have reacted with utter excitement with many terming it the best ever Kiki challenge video. One fan wrote, “Best Ever Kiki challenge.” Another commented, “this is how it’s done, make me want to go to my village too.” “Never ending Fun it was. Watching it again and again ., Loving it bro,” commented another user.

Meanwhile, Twitter users have also been posting funny memes using scenes from Bollywood films and claiming that the Kiki challenge had first started in India even before Drake was born.

The Kiki challenge involves a person jumping out of a moving vehicle and dancing to Drake’s song In My Feelings beside their slow-moving vehicle as it cruises down the street. The challenge rose to prominence when internet comedian Shiggy posted a video of himself, enthusiastically dancing, on Instagram on 30 June.

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