This is why John McEnroe has left millions of tennis fans angry at French Open; Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic


Former US tennis player John McEnroe on Tuesday night left millions of tennis fans enraged with seemingly biased commentary against Rafael Nadal during the Spaniard’s quarter-final clash against Novak Djokovic. McEnroe, who won seven Grand Slam titles during his career, made no pretension in his biases for Djokovic. The former US player was called the hater of Nadal as he kept looking for excuses to criticise the 21-time Grand Slam winner.
 John McEnroe

McEnroe’s shenanigans included calling Nadal’s winner as ‘much-needed’ but a similar shot by Djokovic was declared as epoch-making by the controversial former US player. McEnroe then spent a long time complaining about the ‘delay’ caused by the greatest-ever tennis player in the world.

McEnroe sarcastically said that the time-delaying penalty should be scrapped if this wasn’t being enforced to penalise Nadal.

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As expected, the former US player, whose career success is nowhere close to Nadal, began to face roasting from tennis fans as they began to express their disgust for the American’s cringeworthy commentary.

Here’s how they reacted:

Angry netizens also mocked the host broadcaster, Euro Sport, for paying McEnroe to be annoying with his biases.

What was extraordinary about McEnroe’s brazen biases against Nadal was that the American had loss of voice even when Nadal swept through the first set, winning it 6-2 and led 3-0 in the second set. But the American regained his voice only when Djokovic broke Nadal back twice to level the score 3-3. This prompted McEnroe to declare that Djokovic was set to win the match now.

McEnroe was also pained when fans booed Djokovic at the start of the quarter-final clash. The American said that this was lack of respect for the Serb.

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