“Thaane mein aake dadagiri karoge kya?” Jaipur cop earns plaudits for standing up to newly-elected BJP MLA

Soon after the BJP stunned everyone by winning assembly elections in Rajasthan, one of its saffron-clad MLAs decided to wage a war against those selling non-veg food in Jaipur’s Hawa Mahal area. BJP MLA Balmukund Acharya, who won from the Hawa Mahal constituency by 900 votes, slammed the cops for not doing enough to stop vendors from selling non-veg food in the city. However, one local cop was not in a mood to accept the newly-elected BJP MLA’s rude behaviour as he decided to put the Hindutva politician and his supporters in their place.
Hawa Mahal

In one video, Balmukund could be seen admonishing the cop as he warned the man in uniform to not speak angrily. “In-charge sahab do you show your temper here.”

But far from taking the MLA’s rude behaviour in his stride, the brave cop replied firmly as he warned the BJP MLA to not raise his voice. However, Balmukund took objection to the cop pointing his finger at him.

“Who are you pointing fingers at?” asked Balmukund. The cop asked, “Thaane mein aake dadagiri karoge kya?” (Will you show your dadagiri in a police station’s premises?)”

The spat continued for several minutes until a senior cop intervened to bring sanity.

Given that Rajasthan will now have a BJP government and cops will have to take orders from Hindutva party leaders, the Hawa Mahal cop’s bravery has earned him plaudits from netizens.

One wrote, “Hats off to this SHO of Rajasthan for standing against goons of BJP and a newly elected MLA who won by just 900 votes. He showed that nobody can threaten a police officer on duty.”

Another commented, “BJP or any party leader, no one should be allowed to influence law. Due process of the law should be followed. Police officers should be respected and if they are wrong, court can decide.”