Taapsee Pannu’s rare public meltdown after troll copies jibe from Kangana Ranaut to hurl insults on Pink actor


Seldom has one found actor Taapsee Pannu lose temper publicly or use expletives while dealing with social media trolls. She’s been incredibly composed even when pro-BJP Kangana Ranaut made desperate attempts to wind her up in the past. However, Taapsee simply could not keep her composure on Monday when poked fun at her by using a jibe from Kangana Ranaut.

तापसी पन्नू

Taapsee replied, “Can you please shut up! Like just STFU ! If this is all u wanna say in these times then hold on until this country gets back to breathing normally and then get back to your shit ways until then DONT CROWD MY TIMELINE WITH YOUR NONSENSE and let me do what I am doing!”

Although the troll has since deleted his tweet, but this is what he had written in his social media post targeting Taapsee, “Apni car de de punnu…sab kam twitter pe hi karegi…baketi karwalo is sasti maal se. (You give your car or you only want to do everything on Twitter? This cheap copy is good for nothing).”

Taapsee has been using her Twitter account to amplify desperate calls for help while also sharing relevant information on the current pandemic.

Kangana and her motormouth sister Chandel have always attacked Taapsee with a ‘sasti’ jibe. Replying to her, Taapsee had once said, “I am also called ‘sasti’ (cheap). Yes, I am not the highest-paid actress, so that way you can call me ‘sasti’.”

The controversy had started in July 2019 when Chandel launched a tirade against Taapsee for not mentioning Kangana while appreciating Judgementall Hai Kya. Chandel, who also acts as Kangana’s manager and publicist, had said then, “Kuch log Kangana ko copy kar ke he apni dukaan chalate hain, magar pls note, they never acknowledge her, not even a mention of her name in praising the trailer. Last I heard, Taapsee ji said Kangana needs a double filter, and Tapsee ji you need to stop being a sasti copy.”

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