Supreme Court Bench headed by Justice Chandrachud orders release of Arnab Goswami in abetment to suicide case amidst allegations of preferential treatment


Supreme Court Bench headed by Justice DY Chandrachud has ordered the release of Arnab Goswami in the abetment to suicide case amidst allegations of preferential treatment by the Supreme Court Bar Association President Dushyant Dave.

The Bench also comprising Justice Indira Banerjee said that the Bombay High Court was in error in rejecting the application for grant of interim bail. The court, according to Livelaw, said that the accused including Goswami and two others should execute a personal bond for an amount of Rs 50000 for release on interim bail.

It said that the appellants should cooperate with the investigation and should not interfere with the witnesses.

The extraordinary order by the Supreme Court came despite lawyers urging the Bench to not set the wrong precedence by breaking the judicial hierarchy. Senior lawyer Kapil Sibal had even mentioned the Siddique Kappan case stating that ‘a Kerala journalist was arrested by UP police when he was going to Hathras to report. We came to this Court under Art 32. The Court said go to lower court. Petition posted after four weeks. Such things are also happening.’

Justice Chandrachud had made his intention clear right at the beginning of the hearing as he made ‘travelling to the path of destruction if court does not interfere today’ remarks adding that “Whatever be his ideology, lest I don’t even watch his channel but if in THIS case, constitutional courts do not interfere today – we are traveling the path of destruction undeniably.”

Today’s development came hours after Supreme Court Bar Association President and senior lawyer, Dushyant Dave, raised serious questions on India’s top court’s integrity on extending preferential treatment to the Republic TV founder. In a hard-hitting letter to the Supreme Court Registry, Dave had asked if the special treatment meted out to Goswami was at the behest of Chief Justice of India SA Bobde.

Dave had asked in his letter, “Why is this selective listing taking place when system is supposedly computerised and is to work automatically? Why is It that despite the same, matters are getting circulated and that too before only few Hon’ble Benches? Why is there no foolproof system to be just and fair to all Citizens and all AORs?”

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