Sudarshan TV representative caught peddling fake news on imaginary celebrations in Jammu and Kashmir over Pakistan win; Srinagar Police urged to take action

A representative from India’s hate factory, Sudarshan TV, was caught peddling fake news claiming an imaginary celebration in Jammu and Kashmir over Pakistan’s win against Indian in an Asia Cup match.

Sudarshan TV

India and Pakistan locked horns against each other the second time in the ongoing Asia Cup T20 competition in Dubai. India had defeated Pakistan in the first encounter on 28 August, but the side led by Rohit Sharma lost to their arch-rivals by five wickets on Sunday.

Immediately after the match, Sudarshan TV’s Sagar Kumar tweeted a video claiming it to be from Srinagar as he wrote, “Fireworks in Srinagar over Pakistan’s victory.”

The Srinagar Police moved swiftly declaring the video fake and asked the fake news peddler to desist from spreading misinformation. “Don’t spread fake news and sensationalism by circulating old videos. Nothing of this sort reported from anywhere,” the Srinagar Police said.

However, the Sudarshan TV representative refused to take down the fake video. Many Twitter users were quick to urge the Srinagar Police to take action against the fake news peddler from Sudarshan TV. Some even pointed out that the man working for India;s hate factory was a serial offender.

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Music composer Vishal Dadlani wrote, “Thank you for clarifying this, @srinagarPolice. Please file an FIR against this @KumaarSaagar person, for trying to entice communal hatred. You may place me on record as the complainant, if you need to.”

Journalist Rifat Jawaid tweeted, “Then please take action against the individual.”

The video in question, according to the police is more than six years old.

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