Sreesanth calls female Bigg Boss housemate characterless, ‘fake’ Dipika Kakar defends but Salman Khan says cricketer crossed limits


This year’s Bigg Boss is increasingly becoming more controversial with contestants crossing limits inside the reality show. The latest in the series is former India cricketer Sreesanth, who has hogged the limelight for all kind of negative and abhorrent antics.

Photo: Bigg Boss

On Friday night, Sreesanth was seen fighting with fellow housemate Surbhi Rana, who he called a characterless girl by using derogatory words. Speaking to Dipika Kakar, the former India pacer said that Surbhi was behaving like those ‘standing outside railways stations after 11 pm.’

This became a topic of huge controversy as housemates reacted with horror on Sreesanth’s seemingly calling Surbhi a sex-worker. Although, his best friend and popular TV actress Dipika Kakar expressed her disagreement on his comments, she was later seen vehemently supporting the cricketer by flaunting her friendship with him.

Surbhi, who had entered the house as a commoner, was in tears later on being called characterless on national TV.

Salman Khan, the host of the show, is likely to admonish Sreesanth for ‘crossing limits.’ In the promotional video aired by Colors, Salman, who’s been accused of favouring Sreesanth by ignoring his previous antics, is heard telling the cricketer that he had crossed limits with his obnoxious comments for Surbhi.

In the promotional video, Salman was seen saying, albeit mildly, “Sreesanth, these words are unacceptable. You can’t cross that line.” Salman had rudely rebuked Deepak Thakur for questioning the character of Megha Dhade in a previous episode. 

Earlier Surbhi was seen reminding Sreesanth about his controversial past including the in famous slapping by Harbhajan Singh and his involvement in spot-fixing scandal. She was also seen showing her middle finger at Sreesanth.

But Dipika is being slamemd on social media for supporting Sreesanth even after his sexist slur on Surbhi.

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