“Sponsoring hate is business for Mukesh Ambani”: India’s richest man faces backlash after News18 TV found promoting Islamophobia


India’s richest businessman Mukesh Ambani has found himself at the centre of widespread criticism after his media outlet, News18, was once again found promoting Islamophobia. Angry netizens were quick to declare that ‘sponsoring hate is business for Mukesh Ambani.’


This was after a news flash on Twitter by News18 accused Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav of ‘silently’ fielding Muslim candidates in the upcoming assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh. The headline read, “The Samajwadi Party-RLD alliance has ‘silently’ allotted at least 10 more tickets to Muslims for Phase 2 of Uttar Pradesh elections. @AmanKayamHai_ reports”

The mischievous headline Mukesh Ambani-owned News18 implied that fielding Muslim candidates in elections was a crime that the Samajwadi Party had committed. It also chimed with the BJP’s aversion to field Muslim candidates in elections since Narendra Modi became India’s prime minister.

As expected, journalists and activists began to slam Mukesh Ambani for promoting hate to run his business. Journalist Rohini Singh wrote, “Mukesh Ambani’s channel is furious that some tickets were allotted to Muslims and they weren’t told about it so that they could do their communal debates and vitiate the atmosphere more and create more criminals who would end up auctioning women!”

Journalist Sakshi Joshi tweeted, “Mukesh Ambani has silently employed ‘hatemongering Hindus’ in his channel to incite violence against the ‘Muslims’ employed by him in all his companies! How Disgusting and pathetic is that!”

Journalist Prashant Tandon tweeted, “Sponsoring hate is business for Mukesh Ambani. Even if he builds a 100 story house for him Ambani can never be India’s Warren Buffett.”

Former civil servant Surya Pratap Singh tweeted, “Dear Mukesh Ambani, Do you silently do business with arabs? Make money from them only to spread hatred towards Muslims in India? @aramco News18 Group is nothing but a blot on the secular fabric of India. And you Mr. Ambani are nothing but a hypocrite.”

News18 Group has hired some of the most notorious Islamophobes as TV anchors, who are seen routinely spreading venom against India’s Muslim community to further the agenda of the BJP. It’s hard to believe that the Ambanis are not aware of the hate speech routinely spread by his media outlets.

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