“Some people are thankless”: Bhushan Kumar’s wife Divya Khosla launches stunning attack against Sonu Nigam after singer calls T-Series owner mafia; days after Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide


Divya Khosla Kumar, the wife of T-Series owner Bhushan Kumar, has launched a stunning attack against singer Sonu Nigam, calling him ‘thankless’ and desperate to seek cheap publicity. Divya’s extraordinary attack came hours after Sonu Nigam released a video, threatening to upload a video of Marina Kuwar, who had accused Bhushan Kumar of sexually assaulting her. Bhushan Kumar had denied her allegations.

Divya wrote on Instagram, “Today it’s all about who can run a good campaign….I am even seeing people being able to sell lies & deceits with their strong campaigns….#sonunigam such kind of people know how to play with the minds of the audience…. God save our World!!!”

In another post, Divya reminded Sonu of all the favours T-Series had extended in order to make him a star singer. Calling him ‘thankless,’ Divya wrote, “#sonunigam ji TSeries ne aapko industry mein break Diya…Aapko itna aage badhaya….agar aapko itni hi khundas thi Bhushan se toh pahle kyun nahi bole… Aaj publicity keliye kyon kar rahe hain…Aapke pitaji ke khud maine itne videos direct kiye jiskeliye woh hamesha itne shukar guzaar rahte the..But some people are thankless.” 

She ended the note by using hashtag #achasiladiyatunemerepyaarka, which loosely translates in sarcasm as ‘you have returned a nice favour for my love.’

Singer Sonu Nigam on Monday had lashed out at music mogul Bhushan Kumar of T-Series by threatening to expose him if he did not mend his ways. Sonu threatened to upload Bhushan Kumar’s video with actress Marina Kuwar, who had accused the T-Series owner of sexually assaulting her. This came days after Sonu warned that soon a budding singer or music composer may commit suicide after Sushant Singh Rajput. Not too long ago, the famous Bollywood singer had taken a dig at Indian Idol judge Neha Kakkar too.

In a viral video, Sonu was heard saying, “Bhushan Kumar, ab toh tera naam lena hi padega mujhe. Aur ab tu tu ke layak hai. Tune galat admi se panga le liya (Now I will have to take your name. And now, you deserve to be addressed in a disparaging manner. You have messed with the wrong person).”