Shatrughan Sinha on nepotism: It doesn’t matter who comes from where


A veteran actor and a renowned politician himself, Shatrughan Sinha on Tuesday shared his views on nepotism that exists in the Hindi film industry.

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His daughter, Sonakshi Sinha, who was launched by Salman Khan, maintained that while nepotism indeed exists in Bollywood, however, it is crucial that actors who come from outside the industry also get the support and recognition.

He also added that it is irrelevant who comes from where, as Audience is the ultimate judge for your survival.

Shatrughan said, “People are just talking about it (nepotism) right now. It happened before, and it happens today, and will continue in the future too. Ultimately the growth and survival of the industry depends upon the audience, the people of this country.

It doesn’t matter who comes from where, even if they’ve been cutting across the states, audiences all over the country need to like an actor’s work. I’ve seen so many stars who have come, worked and done well, and many have not done well.

Many actors have shone in one film and then they were lost. Ultimately, the audience predicts the fate of the star.”

The actor also emphasized that there was nothing wrong if star kids had the aptitude to step into the industry and that parents did not have a reason to stop them. However, he did mention that industry is and should be open for all.

This debate has once attained limelight due to a recent jibe undertaken at the IIFA Awards, New York, by a top Producer, also popularly known as the Launch Guru, a top star and a budding actor (all of whom come from Bollywood families) in retaliation to the Bollywood Nepotism comment made by an award winning actor on a popular Coffee Show.

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