“Shame on you, no integrity”: India Today’s Rahul Kanwal faces condemnation for blaming ‘Congress Wallahs’ during interview with Smriti Irani on wrestlers’ protest


India Today’s Rahul Kanwal is facing widespread condemnation for his latest interview with Union Minister Smriti Irani over the ongoing protests by the country’s Olympic medallist wrestlers against BJP MP Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh. This was after Knawal appeared to blame Congress leaders for Irani’s silence over the wrestlers’ allegations of sexual harassment against the BJP MP, who is also the president of the Wrestling Federation of India.
Rahul Kanwal

India Today shared Kanwal’s interview with Irani from Davos claiming that the ‘women child development minister breaks her silence.’ However, in the interview, Kanwal shifted the blame on Congress leaders saying that they were demanding Irani to react to allegations of sexual misconduct by one of her party colleagues.

Kanwal asked, “..You would have seen back home there are many questions being asked by the opposition on a particular incident. I’m not sure how much you heard about the allegations by Vinesh Phogat against the wrestling federation chief. A lot of the Congress wallas are saying that ‘ask the women and child development minister what she has to say’.”

Responding to Kanwal’s question, Irani decided to attack the Congress as she cleverly ducked the grave allegations of sexual allegations made by some of India’s celebrated wrestlers against one of her colleagues.

This left netizens enraged as she accused Kanwal of cowardice. Some said that Kanwal had deliberately shifted the blame on ‘Congress wallas’ since he lacked the courage to ask tough questions to Irani in her capacity as the country’s women and child development minister. Others asked him to introspect if he was doing justice to his profession as a journalist.

One user wrote, “What the hell is “Congress Walla”?? @rahulkanwal! Gold level Journalism! Eh?” Another commented, “Pathetic anchororing.Concern is not why sportswomen face molestation,every day shortages, harassment by imposed officials & the final trigger that’s brought them out on road in this cold weather.His primary concern is Why Congress is forcing a statement out of the Min.W&C GOI.”

“R Kanwal does what he does best,sucking up to BJP &Modi.Instead of asking “Silly Soul” a direct question as a journalist on the allegations by national treasures,he deliberately asks a politically loaded question saying opposition &Congress is alleging. Shame on you,no integrity,” wrote another user.

One user wrote, “You are coward so called editor- in-chief cum journalist, don’t hide behind the oppositions to ask the pointed questions to the minister who is responsible for the atrocities against women.”

Wrestlers have held at least two rounds of meeting with Sports Minister Anurag Thakur. They have been staging protests at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar for the last two days demanding the BJP MP’s resignation and arrest. Singh, for his part, has denied allegations of sexual harassment and vowed to make his position clear in time to come.