Shah Rukh Khan offers undisclosed financial help to Delhi car horror victim, Aanjali Singh


Shah Rukh Khan’s Meer Foundation has extended financial help to the family members of Delhi’s 20-year-old Anjali Singh, who was dragged to death by a group of men including a BVJP leader on New Year’s morning. According to reports, Meer Foundation has offered undisclosed financial help to Anjali’s mother and her siblings. Anjali was the sole earning member of the family.

Shah Rukh Khan

Named after Shah Rukh Khan’s father, Meer Taj Mohammed Khan, the actor’s charity says that it ‘aims to effect change at ground level and works to build a world that empowers women.’

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In his mission statement on the Meer Foundation’s website, Shah Rukh Khan says, “In my life, I have been given several opportunities to flourish by the people around me. And this is exactly what I want to do for others – especially women. My dream is to create an ecosystem that allows women, regardless of their history, to redefine, redo, or rework their lives the way they choose, the way they see fit. This might seem idealistic, but I truly believe that we can empower women to dream, grow, and live life without worry.

“The reality, however, is that most women have very little freedom. Often, they are made to feel powerless, have restrictions imposed on them, and are punished for the choices they make, or for simply saying ‘no’. These cases of oppression usually stem from a lack of respect and empathy, which is in stark contrast to what I try to personify every day. In fact, it is my conviction in women’s rights that compels me to act – especially when I learn of atrocities like acid attacks. I believe that, when faced with violence, women need a friend – someone they can rely on, who can help them face these hurdles and come out stronger. Meer is that friend.

“The vision for Meer Foundation was inspired by my father – the most gentle, compassionate, and kind man that I have known. His interactions with women were always based on a foundation of respect and kindness, and this is what I remember most about him. Meer, which is named after the title that he bore, is the embodiment of his spirit.”

Seven people including BJP leader Manoj Mittal have been arrested in connection with Anjali’s murder. The victim worked part-time in marriages and other functions to run her family. She was returning from a function when she was brutally killed.

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