Sensational twist as Noida Police says journalist Atul Agarwal made false allegations of being looted at gunpoint


The Noida Police has sensationally revealed that journalist Atul Agarwal had made false allegations about being looted at a gunpoint last week. Agarwal, who is the husband of Aaj Tak TV anchor Chitra Tripathi, had claimed that a group of armed men stopped his car in the early hours of 19 June and looted his valuables.

अतुल अग्रवाल

The Noida Police said that there was no truth in Agarwal’s allegations adding that the cops had gone through the CCTV footage and spoken to the Hindi TV journalist’s female friend, who he had met for an evening meal at her house.

The Noida Police said that Agarwal had received a call from his wife when he was at his female friend’s house in the evening. He immediately left his female friend’s house after receiving a call from his wife, the police said.

Later, he went looking for an OYO hotel. His female friend reportedly told the cops that Agarwal had called her at around 1.20 AM to say that he was wandering around on the road in search of an OYO hotel so that he could spend the night there. The female friend, however, did not recollect any conversation about the journalist being looted by armed men.

The Noida Police said that Agarwal created a fake story of being looted for ‘personal family reasons.’

The Noida Police have also released CCTV footage while using the journalist’s GPS location to arrive at the conclusion that Agarwal had made false allegations.

Agarwal had written a heartfelt Facebook post to claim how he was looted by armed men when he was returning home, adding that he had even pleaded to the gang to spare him since he had a small child at home.

According to him, he was driving home at around 1 AM when he stopped his car in Noida extension to plug in his pen drive, which had songs stored in it. This, he said, was because his car’s music system was not functioning.

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No sooner did he stop his car, he was approached a group of pistol-wielding men who blocked his car from the front as one banged the window demanding him to come out of the car. Realising that the men were carrying pistols, he decided to simply follow the order.

Agarwal said that he pleaded to the armed goons to not kill him since had a small child at home. The goons asked his name and began to mock his caste calling him ‘baniya.’

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