Satire video: Modi bought Rafale expensive because this has Rs 2000 nano chips and ‘sari guard’

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A video of a satirical take on the Rafale controversy by a social media observer, Celine Mary, has gone viral on the internet. In the viral content, which is a translation of a Malayalam video, Mary explains why PM Narendra Modi may have had to buy the Rafale jets at a price, three times costlier than the deal negotiated by the UPA government.

Her satirical explanation will leave you in splits.

In her video, Celine takes a dig at the central government by sarcastically stating that the fighter jets were expensive because they had the same chips that were supposedly present in the Rs 2,000 notes that were printed post demonetisation. Also, the jet was fitted with ‘sari guards’ among other features.

Celine also goes on to ‘argue’ that the Rs 2,000 nano chips in the Rafale jets will prevent terrorists from stealing them and hiding the jets 120 feet below the earth’s surface.

Janta Ka Reporter is not responsible for laughter caused by this video.

This video assumes significance in light of the raging controversy surrounding India’s purchase of the Rafale jets from France. The Modi government is accused of striking a considerably expensive deal in a bid to allegedly bail out his billionaire friend Anil Ambani.

Modi is facing the heat from the opposition Congress party following explosive revelations by former French President Francois Hollande that the decision to select Anil Ambani as the offset partner was taken at the behest of the Indian government.

Janta Ka Reporter in its three part series last had first exposed the scam in the purchase of Rafale jets from the French company Dassault aviation.  (You can read them here Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3).




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