Pahlaj Nihalani’s next movie to be called Sanskari


He was criticised for reducing the length of kiss in a Bond movie and was by social media users, who called him Sanskari (virtuous) in sarcasm.

Little did the social media users realise that Pahlaj Nihalani will take that mocking seriously and pounce on the name Sanskari (virtuous) for his next film.

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A report by PTI says that the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) Chairman has registered the title “Sanskari” for a film which he plans to make in the future.

Nihalani is yet to start working on the project which will be produced under his banner Chirag Deep International.

“I have just registered the title. I haven’t thought about who will direct it, or when will the film go on floors but when the time comes I will make an announcement and would love to make the film. It will be produced under my banner Chirag Deep International,” Nihalani told PTI.

When quizzed about why did he choose the title “Sanskari”, Nihalani said it is the need of the hour as off late people were making fun of our traditional values.

“I chose that title because it is our tradition, it is our hero. It is important for our characters (in the film) to be sanskari. Today people are roaming everywhere and have forgotten their values.

“Our life, from birth to death, revolves around sanskars (values) and traditions. It is the need of the hour. People have made a joke about our traditions and that is sad.”

Nihalani also has two other films under his banner.

“I have two films on the floor. One is ‘Bol India Bol’ and another one will go on floors in January or February.

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