Sandhya Mridul was required to shoot scene by sitting on Alok Nath's lap night after he tried to rape her


Days after producer Vinta Nanda accused actor Alok Nath of rape and brutalisation, the so-called saskari actor’s former co-star, Sandhya Mridul, has come out in the open to level serious allegations of sexual misconduct against him.

Taking to her Twitter page, Sandhya narrated her own ordeal about how she was sexually harassed by Nath. She posted several screenshots of her account with the caption that read, “In truth & solidarity. I’m with you Vinta Nanda.”
She wrote, “At the very start of my career I was shooting a telefilm for Zee in Kodaikanal. I was the lead. And very excited. Alok Nath was my on screen father and Reema Lagoo my mother. Alok Nath was very impressed with me and called me ‘god’s own child’ and openly praised me everyday. I was over the moon. I was a huge fan of this wonderful Babuji.. I felt so fortunate happy and confident.
“Till one night after an early pack up. The cast went out for dinner. At dinner he got progressively drunk and started insisting I sit with him and that I belonged to him and other stuff that I don’t clearly remember but it made me very nervous and uncomfortable.”
Sandhya said her ordeal wasn’t over as Nath tried to rape her the same night after she reached her hotel room. She said that no sooner had she reached her room, Nath knocked at her door in an inebriated condition.

She wrote, “I instinctively tried to shut the door but he pushed it and lunged at me, I stepped aside he went flying past me into the room.. I fell backwards towards the bathroom door he lunged at me again screaming I want you you’re mine..I dodged again. He went into the bathroom and I think I latched the loo door and ran out of my room down the corridor into the lobby.”
The torture continued almost every night as Nath allegedly kept calling her every night and would scream outside her room in the event that she kept the phone off the hook.
Sandhya said that her predicament was compounded further as she was required to shoot a scene where she was sitting on Nath’s lap and crying. She said the experience was ‘nauseating’ to say the least.
Later, her hairdresser was moved into her room as a safety measure.

Both Sandhya Mridul and Vinta Nanda have thanked actress Tanushree Dutta for coming out in the open and calling out her predators. Tanushree had recently dropped a bombshell by alleging that Nana Patekar and filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri had sexually harassed her.

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