“RSS Republic TV or Sangh Republic TV or Propaganda Republic TV”: Arnab Goswami stunned on LIVE TV as use of ‘Vadra Congress’ jibe backfires; reacts in fit of rage


Arnab Goswami was left stunned after his decision to mock India’s opposition party with ‘Vadra Congress’ jibe backfired. This was after one of his guests asked if it would be right to call his TV channel ‘RSS Republic TV or Sangh Republic TV or Propaganda Republic TV.’ Not knowing how to respond to this attack, the Republic TV founder reacted in a fit of rage by accusing the Congress party of carrying out an acid attack on him.

Goswami had organised a TV debate claiming that former Mumbai Police Commissioner Param Bir Singh had falsely targeted him in the TRP Scam case. Goswami addressed one of his guests by calling him the supporter of ‘Vadra Congress.’ The guest in turn retaliated by suggesting that Goswami’s TV channel should also be called ‘Sangh Republic TV.

“You can’t change the official name of a political party. Can I change the name of Republic TV to RSS Republic TV or Sangh Republic TV or Propaganda Republic TV?” asked the guest.

A visibly stunned Goswami paused for a few seconds before replying, “You do what you want. I will say what I want.”

Goswami then once again repeated his earlier allegations by accusing the Congress of ‘carrying out an acid attack’ on him. “Were you there when I was assaulted? Were you there when the acid attack was carried out?..ere you there when my family was attacked?” Goswami asked his guest in a fit of rage.

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Goswami has often mocked India’s largest opposition party by calling it the Vadra Congress. Robert Vadra is the son-in-law of Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

Goswami had recently faced the wrath of one of his guests for using the ‘Vadra Congress’ jibe during a TV debate. The guest in question had slammed the Republic TV founder by calling him a man with a dirty mind, who was promoting unethical journalism.

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