“Revenge of whole country”: Kapil Sharma embarrasses Akshay Kumar for 2019 interview with Narendra Modi; Archana Puran Singh, Sara Ali Khan left in splits


Comedian and actor Kapil Sharma is being hailed by fans for taking revenge on behalf of the whole of India as his question on the orchestrated interview of Prime Minister Narendra Modi left everyone including Archana Puran Singh of The Kapil Sharma Show and Sara Ali Khan in splits.

Akshay and Sara had appeared on the Sony TV show to promote their film Atrangi Re. During the show, Akshay decided to take a dig at Kapil as he asked, “Just tell me one thing. Whenever this man (Kapil Sharma) wants to ask his guest something, he says this is being asked by Archana (Puran Singh)?”

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Known for his wit, Kapil Sharma decided to embarrass Akshay Kumar as he reminded him of his 2019 interview with Narendra Modi just before the Lok Sabha polls. Kapil said, “I saw one of your interviews. I don’t want to name the politician but he was a very big leader.”

Akshay said, “No, no. You must take the name).”

Kapil continued, “You were asking (Modi) that ‘my driver’s son is asking if you eat your mangoes by sucking it’.” This left Akshay red-faced given that he had to face plenty of criticism at the time of interviewing Modi as he was accused of helping promote the Indian prime minister’s agenda. Realising that Akshay is beginning to feel nervous about his question, Kapil said, “Let’s change the topic.”

All Akshay could say was to dare Kapil to name the politician in question. Modi is known for his ruthlessness in dealing with his critics. And Kapil is aware of this fact. No wonder he replied, “What kind of talk is that?”

Kapil’s wit evoked interesting comments from his fans as one wrote, “OMG.. Kapil sir killed it,,.???????? Akshay sir was speechless.” Another commented, “That was very clever by Kapil lol.” “What a punch line ???? ????????????Kapil ne pure desh ka badla le liya us ek interview ka,” commented another user. One fan wrote, “Bhyii…???????? too good…seriously can’t stop my laughter at the end part of the video.”

Modi’s interview with Akshay Kumar his official residence in Delhi just before the Lok Sabha polls had courted huge controversy.