Reaction to Anushka Sharma’s ‘I’m vegetarian’ claim shows her fans have still not forgiven her for littering video 

Actor Anushka Sharma on Monday took to Instagram to announce that she was a vegetarian. Her photo, posted in support of animal rights group PeTA, carried a caption, “I’m Anushka Sharma and I’m a vegetarian.”

Anushka also posted a brief message in support of her decision to turn vegetarian. She wrote, “The only way forward for me is through a way in which I take care of the world around me and co-exist with my environment. This is the best decision I’ve made and I am content with the knowledge that I’ve made a little difference in the world in this way.”

No sooner did she post the photo, the actor, now married to the Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli, began to face nasty trolling. Many were quick to condemn her reminding that she ought to have stopped eating vegetables too as plants too had life. One fan wrote, “Please save trees too. Stop eating.” Another fan wrote, “Maybe you should stop eating plants. They have life too. Stop plant cruelty. As this rate this is what will happen next.” “Learn the facts madam, earth will wipe out in a year, if we depend only on grain,” wrote another fan.

Another user wrote, “Seriously ridiculous it is! I mean I hope people are aware of food chain and food web. Cutting down trees is more a serious concern. Better way to make a little difference is by curbing pollution by planting more trees! Or by stopping poaching as these are endangered animals.”

Then there were plenty of her followers, who reminded Anushka that they had still not forgiven her and Virat for shaming a man by using a littering video. One fan wrote sarcastically, “Don’t throw garbage on the road.”

Anushka has been facing incessant trolling after her cricketer husband Virat posted a video, whereby she was seen admonishing a man for throwing a piece of plastic on the road. Her video, however, had not shown the plastic piece being thrown on the road.

Both Anushka and Virat had faced widespread condemnation for shaming an ordinary citizen allegedly to earn some much-needed publicity. Since that episode, all her social media posts have been met with nasty trolling as her detractors gave her new  name ‘garbage lady.’ There was also a campaign on social media to unfollow Anushka.

Recently, when Virat Kohli posted a photo of himself with Anushka from England, social media users had poked fun at his physical appearance.

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