Rana Ayyub confirms paying to PM Cares Fund, accepting donations into accounts owned by father, sister


Journalist Rana Ayyub has confirmed contributing Rs. 74.50 lakh to PM Cares and CM Relief Funds amidst probe into money laundering by the Enforcement Directorate. In a statement released her, Ayyub also confessed to accepting crores of rupees through crowdfunding into bank accounts owned by her father and sister before routing that money into her account.

“..In order to ensure that the donated amount were not left unutilised, but were rather used to provide treatment and relief to the affected families in need, I donated INR 74.50 lakhs to the CM Cares Fund of Maharashtra for relief work in my home state, and to the PM Cares Fund for relief work across India,” She said in her lengthy statement.

Ayyub also confessed to receiving funds from donors into the bank accounts owned by her father and sister before she routed that money into her own bank account. She said, “My personal bank account could not be used at that time as Ketto required the physical copy of my PAN card to be furnished immediately, which at that time was unavailable. In these circumstances, as I thought that aid to COVID-19 ravaged families should not be delayed, I gave Ketto the details and documents relating to my father and sister’s bank accounts.”

Ayyub is also accused of using a large chunk of people’s donations to pay as tax to the Income Tax authorities. She became liable to pay the tax on donations received by her since she used the personal bank accounts of her father and sister to accept that money.

Ayyub said that she paid more than Rs. one core as income tax to the IT department. “I was also asked to pay income tax on the donation amount, which I had paid to the tune of INR 1.05 crore as directed by the Income Tax authorities. It was also informally communicated to me that if I give up my right to appeal against the order to levy tax on the donation, then the IT authorities would also defreeze the fixed deposit,” Ayyub added.

The news of Ayyub paying a considerably large amount to the PM Cares Fund, which she routinely criticised until recently, had left netizens shocked.


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