Rakhi Sawant to play Indrani Mukerjea’s role in her next film


Bollywood actress and dancer, Rakhi Sawant has revealed about a film in which she will be playing the role of Indrani Mukerjea, who allegedly killed her daughter in 2012.

The script of the film titled Ek Kahani Julie Ki was written a couple of months back but its script co-incidentally matched with Sheena Bora murder case. Rakhi’s role as Julie is similar to Indrani.

Rakhi, who claims being Indrani’s ‘best friend’ said, “No one else can play her role better than me, since I have spent time with her, partied together, so know Indrani, her husband Peter, and daughter Sheena Bora very well.”

Rakhi discussed, “The film Ek Kahani Julie Ki is inspired by Indrani itself. I am so lucky that she is my best friend and from many years we know each other as I have won two-reality show on her channel. I know her whole family. But now when I heard about the news I was shocked. At the first time I couldn’t believe that she is my best friend Indrani. I have partied a lot with Indrani and Sheena. Have been to their house also many times.”

Famous for making controversial statements, Rakhi added that she doesn’t know anything about the murder or “what forced or who brain-washed Indrani to kill her own daughter”.

Rakhi also explained that the news of her involvement in Sheena’s murder has left her shocked. “I used to view them as a different family. But the moment I saw the news on TV, I was shocked. Mere pairo ke niche se zameen khisak gayi. I could not believe that this Indrani was the same one who was my best friend who used to love Sheena. I knew her as Indrani’s sister and she always called her Indrani ‘Di’.”

The actress recalled how Indrani used to party a lot and expressed grief that she could never understand the amount of stress her friend was undergoing and that party was a mere distraction.

She added, “I am sad that she is alone now and that she needs me now. She needs blessings and so I thought of a film based on her. What media doesn’t know…what audience doesn’t know…. what police doesn’t know, is what only Rakhi Sawant knows, and I wont share that with anyone. You will see in my film.”


Indrani Mukherjea is the wife of former Star India’s CEO, Peter Mukherjea who was the ex-CEO of STAR India and came in limelight for allegedly killing her daughter, Sheena Bora in 2012.