Punjab’s Katrina Kaif aka Shehnaaz Gill evicted from Bigg Boss? Twitterati explodes after Colors TV’s promo on shocking eviction


Twitterati have exploded after the Colors TV broadcast a promo showing what appeared to be the shocking eviction of Shehnaaz Gill, also known as Punjab’s Katrina Kaif. The announcement by Salman Khan was followed by Punjab’s Katrina Kaif aka Shehnaaz Gill bitterly crying asking where she had failed to entertain the audience.

Shehnaaz Gill

“I didn’t entertain enough and everyone voted me out,” said Shehnaaz. This prompted Salman to ask angrily, “You’ve been out of the game Shehnaaz. What’s the purpose of doing this drama. Which bit are you finding a joke? I have said this once, twice and thrice. Out means out.”

Salman’s words in the promo were followed by the main entrance opening for a contestant to leave the house.

Although this is not clear whether the entire conversation was a part of a new joke by Salman, the news has come as a shock to everyone with fans taking to Twitter to express their dismay.

Earlier in the programme, Siddharth was asked by Salman who he thought was going to leave the show. He said that while he wasn’t sure who will be evicted, he was confident that Shehnaaz will stay.

Salman on Saturday announced that Madhurima Tuli had been voted out of the show but she will stay in the house till Sunday. If the promo is anything to go by, the Colors TV’s reality show will see a double eviction this week.